Nate Diaz Speaks Truth to Power Regarding UFC Signing CM Punk: "F--- Him"

By Stephen Douglas

Nate Diaz, the younger, but just as awesome, younger brother of Nick Diaz, spoke with MMA Junkie yesterday about the UFC’s signing of CM Punk. I have to encourage you to listen to the entire interview above, but the gist of it is that the UFC bringing in CM Punk is bullshit. His answers were honest and pretty damn accurate. They also highlight some of the problems inherent in the UFC.

My favorite part is Diaz talking about the idea of an athlete from MMA being able to play in the NBA or NFL just because he wants to. Sounds absurd when you put it like that, yet here we are with CM Punk, a guy who I’m not even 100% certain has a real name. Still, it makes complete sense for the UFC from a business standpoint. It’s too bad it comes at the expense of the perception of all their athletes.

[via MMA Junkie]

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