Nassir Little: 4 Things to Know


Has Little Declared for the NBA Draft?

Nassir Little declared for the draft on April 1st, just a few days after North Carolina lost to Auburn and ended Little’s season.

What position does Little play?

Little plays small forward, listed at 6’6″, 220 pounds with a 7’2″ wingspan. His size should translate well at the next level.

Where did Little play in college?

Little played for North Carolina and averaged 10 points and 5 rebounds en route to helping the Tar Heels reach the Sweet 16 before falling to Auburn.

Where will Little be drafted?

There was a lot of hype for Little heading into the season, but a generally disappointing freshman year has cooled the excitement around the young forward. He has NBA-ready measurements, but will need to learn to shoot the three-pointer (26.9% on 1.4 attempts a game) to succeed. He’s an athletic prospect with a lot of potential, but potential is all that’s there until he shows tangible progress scoring the ball.