Must Watch: Stephen A. Smith Was in Anguish About the Knicks


It has been another miserable day for Knicks’ fan as they now have to come to grips with Kevin Durant playing for their in-state rivals. But just how bad of a day has it been? Well, if Stephen A. Smith represents a large portion of their fans, it’s been that bad.

On The Jump, Smith reacted to the news that his New York Knicks are once again the biggest losers of free agency:

This was an incredible rant. It had literally everything: yelling, eye rolls, bizarre words, hot takes, and some of the best facial expressions found on television. This was highlighted by Smith’s anger of a report that Knicks owner Jim Dolan may have not been willing to offer Durant the max.

It has to be wondered what will happen if Smith gets madder in his sleep and unleashes on Max Kellerman tomorrow morning. This one will be hard to top but not impossible. We also can’t rule out Mike Francesa from dropping an all-timer tomorrow on the Knicks. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves and get greedy when it comes to these types of rants.