Muhammad Ali Did a Pro-Vaccine PSA, Kyrie Irving Did a Directionless IG Live


Kyrie Irving went on Instagram Live on Wednesday nighit to speak for the first time since the Brooklyn Nets told him to stay away if he wasn't vaccinated. In these two clips you can see that he doesn't have any sort of plan. If he explained what he was standing up for, besides being unvaccinated, the internet doesn't appear to have caught it.

He says it's about doing what's best for himself, which doesn't sound like the "voice for the voiceless" thing is true. He just sounds like he didn't think he needed to get the vaccine so he didn't get the vaccine. The most painful part is his insistence that he will not be used as part of an agenda. Buddy...

In the next clip he says he's going to use his platform and not allow anyone to take away his power to speak on things and not to believe anyone who says he's retiring. He mentions "people losing jobs to these mandates," but doesn't elaborate. He just keeps saying he wants to speak for himself. When he finally does, he has nothing to say.

Getting vaccinated seems like an easy way to fix that and he doesn't explain why you shouldn't get vaccinated beyond the fact that it is a choice. People also have the choice to stand in the middle of the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic in front of Barclays, but we should probably discourage it.

Plenty of people dropped by to show Kyrie support in his fight against public health and Stephon Marbury stole the show claiming that Irving was "bringing the vaccinated and unvaccinated together." He also compared Irving to Muhammad Ali, a popular refrain over the last 24 hours. As with most anti-vax sentiments, it doesn't hold water.

Muhammad Ali protested Vietnam and went to jail. Kyrie Irving is refusing a shot for reasons that he can't even clearly express. Ali shot a commercial in 1978 to encourage kids to get vaccinated so they could go to school. Ali's widow took the COVID-19 vaccine in public.

There is no comparision.