MSNBC Guest Extremely Worried About Young Men Monitoring the Price of BitCoin on Their Phones


One of the side effects from our new and widespread interest in the stock market is the ability to be introduced to an endless stream of interesting people who inhabit this world and are tasked with providing takes for television. CNBC, Bloomberg, and other financial coverage has seen tremendous growth in entertainment value over the past week-plus as new characters keep emerging from the woodwork with the promise to make the text even richer.

Like Scott Galloway, who made quite an entrance this morning on MSNBC, painting an extremely bleak picture of people participating in the free markets.

Now, I do not doubt that he is exponentially more intelligent than myself. On the other hand, is a Reddit community banding together to buy GameStop and AMC really the straw that broke his back when it comes to the dangers of staring at screens? Or did it just hit a little too close to the status quo?

And again, remember that I'm already doing the things he advocates for. I don't stare at the Robinhood app at all because I don't have any stock. I'm working out on the regular, forming relationships with mentors, being vulnerable and present in my marriage and as a father, and getting great at multiple things at the same time.

This movement is surely going to end in tears for many who will clumsily lose more than they can afford to lose. But pretending that this new wave of trader is any more dangerous or reflective of a society in disrepair makes a person wonder about all the participants before they got involved.

Anyway, it's never been a better time to watch something from the sidelines and pretend to have insights on what the hell is going on.