People Have Been Objectifying Mrs. Met Since She Was a Teenager in the 1970's

Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Mets
Pittsburgh Pirates vs New York Mets / Paul Bereswill/GettyImages

Mrs. Met was the subject of an in-stadium graphic at Citi Field on Tuesday. At some point during the home team's win over the Chicago White Sox, an image showing Mrs. Met's head on the bodies of the Sex and the City cast along with the text "SOX AND THE CITI" appeared on the video board. Before you worry about any parents who had to explain why this was clever to their children, just know that Mrs. Met is used to it by now.

This is not even the first time this month that Mrs. Met was objectified. During the All-Star break someone took a picture of the baseball-headed mascot from behind and tweeted it using just the eyeballs emoji.

The reaction to this image inspired articles titled, "Mrs. Met's Stunning Figure Is Turning Heads At The All-Star Game" and "Mrs. Met's butt is the real Big Apple in NYC." The second one resulted in a URL ending with "mrs-met-butt-mlb-cake-thicc-dumptruck-booty."

But it didn't start there. Dan Katz tweeted about Mrs. Met's behind in June 2021.

A month earlier that season Mrs. Met inspired a thread on the Mets subreddit with the headline, "Mrs Met lowkey thicc (mods don't ban me pls)." This inspired three dozen comments. Regrettably, searching "Mrs Met butt," reveals that Lana Berry tweeted about it nearly a decade ago.

So this is a thing that people have noticed and noted for a while. Pretty much since the team brought Mrs. Met back as a regular fixture in 2013. At the time the New York Post interviewed the woman who played the original Mrs. Met, or "Lady Met." She was not immune to the unwanted attention of fans either. Courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

“They would grab my legs,” recalled Lynn Farrell, who played the first Mrs. Met as a teenager. “It took me awhile, as a blonde, to go stand by the railing — next to the guards.”

For $100 a game, Farrell, now 56 and living on Long Island, chatted up fans, cooed at babies and signed autographs. But Mrs. Met, along with her husband, mysteriously vanished in the late 1970s.

“I always wondered what happened to her — I always thought it was because her legs got grabbed in the stands too much,” Farrell said.

She took her job so seriously that she actually wed the man inside the Mr. Met get-up, John Baumann, in 1976. The two were married for 25 years. 

She said the new version of the character doesn’t compare to her old-school gal. 

“I saw the picture of the new Mrs. Met and she has a baseball uniform and a brown ponytail. 

“I think my Mrs. Met is a lot hotter.”

UniWatch's Paul Lukas also interviewed Farrell two years earlier with her again sharing the story of being grabbed during the 1975 and 1976 seasons when she was still in high school.

UW: And even with your supposed husband right there, fans were basically groping you?

LF: Yeah. You couldn’t really see out of that big head, so you’d feel someone on your leg but you couldn’t see it, and I’d have to turn my whole body and hold the head to look down — it was a little rough. Later on, I often wondered what happened to Mrs. Met, and maybe they just thought it was easier not to have to deal with all that stuff that I dealt with.

The moral of the story? Besides the fact that there might be a 17-year old under the giant baseball head? Leave Mrs. Met alone or she might disappear for a few decades.