5 Most Overrated College Football Teams in the AP Top 25 Poll After Week 4

Army v Michigan
Army v Michigan / Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The top four slots in the AP Top 25 rankings - a.k.a., the money slots come Playoff time - are completely unchanged from last week. The rest of the rankings are another story, with all but one of the bottom 21 changing hands, and three teams falling out altogether. Of course, the rankings are subjective. Here are five teams we think got an unfair boost this week.

1. #23 Texas A&M (2-2)
This one feels as though the pollsters needed to fill a quota. "We need this many SEC teams in the poll, we don't care how you justify it!" The two teams they've beaten? Texas St. and Lamar. Not exactly distinguished competition. Yes, the top two have mostly faced cupcakes so far, but one of the teams Clemson has faced has been...Texas A&M, who they beat 24-10.

2. #20 Michigan (2-1)
The Wolverines' loss to Wisconsin finally exposed Jim Harbaugh's team to the world for what they really are - a weak, directionless rabble with little discipline, and a team who can't win any meaningful games. It could be argued that the initial expectations for this season - Big Ten Championship, perhaps a Playoff berth - were a little unrealistic to begin with. But really, they haven't looked good this year.

3. #15 California (4-0)
The fans in Berkeley could not have imagined a better start to their season. As of this week, they are the last undefeated team in the Pac-12. Unfortunately, it may be smoke and mirrors. The Golden Bears pulled off an upset win over Washington aided by the weather and a late pass interference call, but their journey has been aided by an easy schedule otherwise. Despite their record, they have the third-weakest offense in the conference in terms of point-scoring, which may make them easy prey when they meet Oregon in October.

4. #10 Notre Dame (2-1)
We're not picking on Notre Dame for the sake of it. But it's a mystery why Notre Dame is still this high, other than for the fact that they were ranked so high initially. Their two wins - especially Week 2 over New Mexico - were pretty impressive, and they fought hard in their defeat to Georgia, but only for the last quarter. Fact is, there are several teams below them who deserve this ranking more.

5: #1 Clemson (4-0)
This one will be controversial. Yes, they're undefeated. Yes, they're on pace for another national championship run. Yes, they do deserve a top-four slot, maybe even top two. But should they really hold the top slot? Clemson have dominated their opponents throughout the season, but they haven't looked quite as dominant as the team they knocked off in the championship game last year. Even in victory, the once-hyped Trevor Lawrence has looked slightly off his game lately, especially compared to Tua Tagovailoa, who looks like a Heisman front-runner if he can stay healthy.