Mookie Betts Rumors: Dodgers, Red Sox Talking Trade

Ryan Phillips
Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox
Mookie Betts, Boston Red Sox / Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Mookie Betts might be moved this offseason, as the Boston Red Sox attempt to cut payroll. They also have discussed trading the superstar to get something in return for him before he hits free agency in 2021.

Betts has slashed .319/.413/.578 with 61 home runs, 160 RBIs, 264 runs and 46 stolen bases over the past two seasons. He's an elite corner outfield target. He's in his final year of arbitration and could make as much as $30 million next year.

Obviously there's a lot of interest in the 27-year-old former American League MVP, but the asking price will be high. Still, the Red Sox are already getting bites. The latest updates are below.

Dodgers have opened trade talks

The Dodgers have been focused on adding Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor, but if that deal can't happen, Betts is viewed as a fallback option. To that end, the Red Sox and Dodgers are already discussing a deal.

As of now, the Dodgers are willing to include Corey Seager in trade talks for both Lindor and Betts, but are balking at adding top prospect Gavin Lux. It makes sense that they'd find it hard to part with Lux, since they would be trading for a single year of Betts. But the Dodgers are really pushing to add an impact bat this offseason and the Red Sox may be able to leverage that into a big deal that goes beyond Seager and a few lesser prospects.

Red Sox haven't discussed an extension yet

Red Sox president and CEO Sam Kennedy says the team and Betts have yet to make any movement on a long-term contract extension. That's right, a former MVP and his team haven't even begun discussing a long-term extension as he prepares to head into the final year of his contract.

Betts has been clear he'd like to explore the free agent market after the 2020 season, but that doesn't mean the two sides can't engage and try to work on something. It appears the situation just is what it is. The Red Sox know there's no point in trying because Betts wants to hit the open market.