Monty Williams Might Like Pistons Rookies a Little Too Much

Monty Williams
Monty Williams / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Monty Williams has spent the last week in Las Vegas sitting on the sideline as his new team, the Detroit Pistons, take their very first steps in attempting to climb out of the NBA's basement. Detroit had two first-round picks from this year's draft playing for their Summer League team and the early returns are very exciting.

Ausar Thompson, who went No. 5 overall, seems to float in the air while showcasing tremendous court vision and tenacious defense. Marcus Sasser, the 25th pick, didn't stuff the stat sheet like Thompson but displayed similarly fierce defense. Most importantly it was clear from the jump why the Pistons drafted them and what they can expect to get out of the young guns in a pivotal season for Troy Weaver's outfit.

Williams is a big fan of how the kids are doing. But when talking to reporters he might've laid it on a little thick. The first half of this quote sounds like normal coachspeak and then things take a hard right turn.

My man. Let's pump the breaks. Although I guess we would all be as infatuated if we saw the kid we were coaching do this:

Who knows what Williams is going to say when THompson or Sasser win the Pistons a game that actually matters? The Pistons' beat writers have the best gig in the NBA to look forward to if this is the sort of content Williams is going to give out for free. Something to keep an eye on.