The NFL, Drunk With Power, Is Doing a Two-Channel Monday Night Football Double-Header in Week 2

Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings
Chicago Bears v Minnesota Vikings / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages

The NFL is doing the unthinkable and plans to air a double-header on the second Monday of the season. Just last year there were no Monday Night Football double-headers and now we've got two. The good news (?) is that this one appears to be an experiment.

Instead of a traditional double-header the two games will overlap. This is something I've always thought would be awesome on Sundays. If the league staggered games like the first round of March Madness you could watch the ends of more games and Scott Hanson wouldn't have to work so damn hard during the Witching Hour.

Alone, these are two decent games, but combined? You can watch the first half of Bills - Titans then at halftime you can turn on Vikings - Eagles. If Tennessee - Buffalo is a snoozer, you've got a whole other game to watch. Then when that's over you get the second half of Vikings - Eagles and it won't be that late on the East Coast. And if that game sucks you can just go to bed because you've already watched 1.5 Monday Night Football games. That's more than enough to keep you in the loop when you're watching Get Up in the morning.

Depending on the ratings ABC and ESPN get for these games, it might just be the start. Why shouldn't there be two games every Monday night? Where else would you stick your next alternate broadcast? You know the ManningCast, but with Tiki and Ronde Barber. Or eventually the Brady and GronkCast. Disney has a lot of places where they'd probably like to put football.

The NFL has already announced they would take full advantage of Christmas being on a Sunday this year. If there's a gap in the schedule somewhere, the NFL seems like they might try to fill it. Plus, with all the new streaming platforms toying with the idea of live football rights, why wouldn't the NFL figure out what new viewing windows they can sell down the road to prospective broadcast partners?

There's more money to be made by the NFL by selling a second game on Monday nights. Is it any more ridiculous than playing in Europe so that they can sneak games in on Sunday mornings? You don't think the NFL will consider bringing back a MNF double or triple-header when Christmas falls on a Monday in 2023?