Five MLB Teams That Should Invite Sydney Sweeney to Throw Out the First Pitch Just to See What Happens

Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays v Boston Red Sox / Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Sydney Sweeney, the Emmy nominated actress from HBO's Euphoria and White Lotus, threw out the first pitch at Friday's Boston Red Sox - Toronto Blue Jays game at Fenway Park. By all accounts, Sweeney did everything right. She wore the home team's jersey. She threw off the mound. She posed for pictures and signed autographs.

Still, the Red Sox suffered one of the worst defeats (28-5) in their franchise's century-plus history. And then they lost the next two games of the weekend series by a combined score of 12-5. Maybe they were already headed down this path, but it sure looks like Sweeney helped drive a very heavy nail into their season coffin on Friday. And the only way to prove otherwise is for other teams to invite her to throw out the first pitch.

For Sweeney it would create opportunities to prove that she is not some sports jinx or curse. For teams it presents the opportunity to test themselves against a new superstition. And for fans it maybe gives Sweeney the chance to ruin a few more teams' seasons. Here are five teams that should see what happens.

Seattle Mariners

Sweeney, 24, is from Spokane, Washington and is not even old enough to remember when Ken Griffey Jr. was in Seattle (he left in 1999) or the last time the Mariners made the playoffs (2001). Now they have another young star centerfielder in Julio Rodriguez, and they have a legit chance to get to the postseason. If Sweeney can bring some of the relevance of Boston home then it would be a huge moment for the Mariners.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Sweeney is a big-time Hollywood actress so she makes perfect sense as a Dodgers fan. They spend like crazy and are on their way to their 10th consecutive postseason appearance. With three World Series appearances and one World Series victory over that stretch, it's hard to imagine Sweeney appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a Dodgers jersey could even put a stop to their current run.

Houston Astros

If there really is a Sydney Sweeney jinx let's try it out on the Astros. In the years since their trash can-related cheating scandal became news, fans across the country have been waiting for this group to falter, embarrass themselves and go away. Instead, they're 13 games up on the Mariners in the NL Central right now. They're headed to the postseason for the sixth consecutive season and are coming off their third World Series appearance in five years. If anyone can put a stop to their reign of terror and annoyance, it's Sydney Sweeney. Please.

Los Angeles Angels

Look, the Angels have two all-time greats in the lineup and are currently 15 games under .500. They haven't been a winning team since they were the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim back in 2015. They need to do something and the baseball gods might get confused and provide the team with a reverse-jinx vaulting them into the postseason with an Angels in the Outfield-type run to finish the season. Though at 10.5 games out of the Wild Card in late July, they might want to hurry.

New York Yankees

The Yankees currently have the best record in baseball. Before a recent stretch of mediocrity people were wondering if they could break the record for regular season wins. Inviting Sweeney to throw out the first pitch would give the Yankees the ultimate test. If they can withstand that event and come out headed in the right direction what team wouldn't fear them in the postseason? This would be a devastating blow to the entire New England region.