MLB Standings Based on Day Game Records

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

The 2023 MLB season is chugging along and we've just passed the quarter-mark of the season after Memorial Day Weekend. There haven't been a ton of surprises but the season is still young. Young enough that there are curiosities to be examined in the deeper stats that buck surface-level trends.

One such issue is which teams are the best playing during the day as opposed to under the lights. Here are what the MLB standings would look like if they were sorted by day game record only. Since not all teams have played the same amount of day games, these standings are sorted by winning percentage. Stats as of June 1, 2023.

MLB Standings Based on Day Games Record

American League

1. New York Yankees (17-6)

2. Texas Rangers (16-6)

3. Tampa Bay Rays (18-8)

4. Los Angeles Angels (12-8)

5. Houston Astros (11-8)

6. Boston Red Sox (12-9)

7. Minnesota Twins (16-13)

8. Cleveland Indians (13-12)

9. Baltimore Orioles (11-12)

10. Seattle Mariners (9-10)

11. Detroit Tigers (12-17)

12. Toronto Blue Jays (12-20)

13. Chicago White Sox (10-19)

14. Kansas City Royals (8-17)

15. Oakland Athletics (1-23)

My god, Oakland. We knew things weren't good in the Bay Area but one win in 24 tries? There's a real chance they won't hit 10 wins in day games by the end of the season. Embarrassing stuff.

Now, for the senior circuit.

National League

1. Arizona Diamondbacks (13-8)

2. Philadelphia Phillies (15-11)

3. St. Louis Cardinals (11-9)

4. Milwaukee Brewers (13-11)

5. Colorado Rockies (11-10)

6. Atlanta Braves (10-8)

7. Los Angeles Dodgers (10-9)

8. Miami Marlins (15-15)

9. New York Mets (14-14)

10. Washington Nationals (13-13)

11. San Diego Padres (10-11)

12. Pittsburgh Pirates (12-14)

13. San Francisco Giants (13-16)

14. Cincinnati Reds (10-14)

15. Chicago Cubs (10-17)

The National League seems more competitive across the board in the afternoon games. The Diamondbacks' surpirse year has been driven in part by their record in the day and nobody comes close to touching the A's horrendous record.

No real direct correlation here other than good teams win more games. But interesting nonetheless.