MLB Should Take Down The Netting and Stop Protecting Fake Fans

Fake Los Angeles Dodgers fans.
Fake Los Angeles Dodgers fans. / Harry How/Getty Images

Major League Baseball should take down all the protective netting around the field that is meant to protect fans from foul balls. WIthout fans, it's pointless, plus if a player hits a foul ball, he could decapitate one of the cardboard fans and that would be amazing.

One of the main problems with fan-less Major League Baseball is announcers filling time between pitches. You let a Mookie Betts foul ball take the head off a Larry King cardboard cutout and there is no more awkward silence.

Plus, removing netting so people could see the damage a batted ball can do would be the ultimate argument for increasing the amount of netting when fans are allowed back.

If a cardboard fan gets destroyed, announcers could talk about who he or she was. The fan could make a donation to charity. The player could contact the fan between innnings and apologize. You could even do a fine system where the player has to pay to have the "fan" replaced. It's not like MLB is beyond doing this type of thing without any type of negotiation. Players showed up yesterday as they changed the entire playoff format, so what's to stop Rob Manfred from making players pay for cardboard cutouts tomorrow?

Nothing. Nothing is stopping Rob Manfred from removing the nets or making players pay for damaged cardboard cutouts. That is the beauty of Major League Baseball right now. It is chaos. They're making things up as they go and they probably won't finish the season anyway, so they might as well destroy some fake fans.

Teams could fill the stands with Houston Astros or Vine stars. The home announcing team. Sports bloggers with dumb ideas that they didn't even really think all the way through before they started typing. The possibilities are endless.