Even Cap'n Crunch is Making Fun of the New MLB See-Through Pants

MLB Pants
MLB Pants / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

MLB spring training has been underway for a few weeks and the talk of the town still has nothing to do with the games. The new see-through pants have not been addressed in any meaningful manner as both the league and Fanatics continue to insist that the problem is not actually that bad and what do you mean there's a problem? The players are still unhappy about it but have adjusted and there haven't been any particularly embarrassing incidents since the picture day photos came out that aggressively highlighted how see-through they really were.

A lack of attempted hotfixing means the pants are still the butt (aha!) of many jokes. To the extent that the corporate Twitter accounts are getting in on it. Even Cap'n Crunch.

When big Twitter accounts like this are tweeting out these jokes on their own, and not in reply to another tweet, it means the joke has gotten big enough that the social media managers figure the audience will get it on its own. Which, in turn, means the joke is no longer merely a joke and now is part of the cultural fabric of the internet. Which is not exactly where a multi-billion dollar sports league wants to be-- especially when it is pointing out just how damn cheap they are.

The tweet itself is worthy of a chuckle once you get over seeing Cap'n Crunch's underwear, but its mere existence means MLB is down bad with these jerseys.