MLB Owners Approve Return Plan to Present to Players' Union

MLB Opening Day postponed Due To Coronavirus
MLB Opening Day postponed Due To Coronavirus / Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Major League Baseball's owners have approved a plan that would lead to the league restarting by July 4. Now all attention turns to the MLB Players Association, as the union must agree to the terms before the league can move forward.

Some of the details of the play have already leaked out. The season would be 82 games, be played in major league ballparks without fans, and have a universal designated hitter:

The owners are also offering to do a 50-50 revenue split with players:

Rosters would also be expanded to account for the lack of a long spring training:

That seems like a great deal for the players if they're willing to brave the health and safety concerns and get back on the field. But they will have to factor in the risk involved with agreeing to move forward. A number of players have underlying health issues and may not be able to participate safely.

There is also the likelihood of some serious financial disagreements between the players and owners:

The union has a lot to think about as it weighs the pros and cons of opening the league back up. I'd assume the players association will demand readily available testing and a limitation of how many people could access the players and clubhouses. They'll likely need a number of other assurances before even thinking about giving the green light.

We'll see what the players decide. It certainly won't be an easy debate given the circumstances.