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MLB Playoff Schedule 2019

DETROIT, MI - JUNE 29:  A detailed view of the 1984 Detroit Tigers World Championship trophy while on display during the game against the Washington Nationals at Comerica Park on June 29, 2019 in Detroit, Michigan. The Tigers defeated the Nationals 7-5.  (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
Washington Nationals v Detroit Tigers | Mark Cunningham/Getty Images

(All Times ET)
(*-If Necessary)

AL Wild Card Playoff
Tampa Bay @ Oakland, 8:00 p.m. (ESPN)

ALDS: #1 Houston vs. #4 TBD

Friday, October 4: TB/OAK @ Houston, TBD (FS1 or MLB Network)
Saturday October 5: TB/OAK @ Houston, TBD (FS1)
Monday, October 7: Houston @ TB/OAK, TBD (FS1 or MLB Network)
*Tuesday, October 8: Houston @ TB/OAK, TBD (FS1)
*Thursday, October 10: TB/OAK @ Houston, TBD (FS1)

ALDS: #2 NY Yankees vs. #3 Minnesota
Friday, October 4: Minnesota @ NY Yankees, TBD (FS1 or MLB Network)
Saturday October 5: Minnesota @ NY Yankees, TBD (FS1)
Monday, October 7: NY Yankees @ Minnesota, TBD (FS1 or MLB Network)
*Tuesday, October 8: NY Yankees @ Minnesota, TBD (FS1)
*Thursday, October 10: Minnesota @ NY Yankees, TBD (FS1)


Saturday, October 12: TBD (Fox or FS1)
Sunday, October 13: TBD (Fox or FS1)
Tuesday, October 15: TBD (Fox or FS1)
Wednesday, October 16: TBD (Fox or FS1)
*Thursday, October 17: TBD (Fox or FS1)
*Saturday, October 19: TBD (Fox or FS1)
*Sunday, October 20: TBD (Fox or FS1)

NL Wild Card Playoff
Milwaukee @ Washington, 8:00 p.m. (TBS)

NLDS: #1 LA Dodgers vs. #4 TBD
Thursday, October 3: MIL/WAS @ LA Dodgers, TBD (TBS)
Friday, October 4: MIL/WAS @ LA Dodgers, TBD (TBS)
Sunday, October 6: LA Dodgers @ MIL/WAS, TBD (TBS)
*Monday, October 7: LA Dodgers @ MIL/WAS, TBD (TBS)
*Wednesday, October 9: MIL/WAS @ LA Dodgers, TBD (TBS)

NLDS: #2 Atlanta vs. #3 St Louis
Thursday, October 3: St. Louis @ Atlanta, TBD (TBS)
Friday, October 4: St. Louis @ Atlanta, TBD (TBS)
Sunday, October 6: Atlanta @ St. Louis, TBD (TBS)
*Monday, October 7: Atlanta @ St. Louis, TBD (TBS)
*Wednesday, October 9: St. Louis @ Atlanta, TBD (TBS)

Friday, October 11: TBD (TBS)
Saturday; October 12: TBD (TBS)
Monday, October 14: TBD (TBS)
Tuesday, October 15: TBD (TBS)
*Wednesday, October 16: TBD (TBS)
*Friday, October 18: TBD (TBS)
*Saturday, October 19: TBD (TBS)

World Series
Thursday, October 22: Game 1, TBD (Fox)
Wednesday, October 23: Game 2, TBD (Fox)
Friday, October 25: Game 3, TBD (Fox)
Saturday, October 26: Game 4, TBD (Fox)
*Sunday, October 27: Game 5, TBD (Fox)
*Tuesday, October 29: Game 6, TBD (Fox)
*Wednesday, October 30: Game 7, TBD (Fox)