MLB Media Members Owe Trevor Plouffe Some Acknowledgment For Breaking MLB Return News

Trevor Plouffe getting water dumped on him.
Trevor Plouffe getting water dumped on him. / Hunter Martin/Getty Images

On May 4, Trevor Plouffe, former MLB player and current member of Jomboy Media team, reported the following on his Twitter account:

It was a stunning piece of news. Out of nowhere, a former-player-turned-podcast-host was reporting potentially the biggest news of the MLB offseason on when the season would resume and giving hope to fans everywhere that baseball may be back soon. But because it came from a former-player-turned-podcast-host and no other national or even local reporters were confirming it, many in the media jumped on Plouffe's report, calling it false.

There were more. Some were deleted.

Then, yesterday, Ken Rosenthal reported that the Indians were looking at a July 1 restart date. Later Wednesday night, Jeff Passan reported, and credited Plouffe, that the MLB was indeed in the works of a proposal that needed MLBPA approval for an early-July start. Rosenthal soon confirmed that report.

Suddenly, Plouffe was vindicated and he justifiably reveled in that fact.

Both Rosenthal and Passan credited Plouffe for being the first to report the news. His initial report was a little rough around the edges because he definitively said June 10 and July 1 were the start dates, and the latest reports indicate early-June and early-July are target start dates that still need to be approved by the MLBPA. Still, Plouffe's reporting was based on credible insider information and those who questioned his sourcing and reporting owe him some acknowledgment for that.

Yes, Plouffe isn't an established MLB breaking news insider. And yes, he doesn't work for a highly-reputed publication. But as an eight-year veteran (he played for four teams from 2010-2018), he clearly still has connections within baseball and calling his reports a "rumor" or "untrue" just because he had inside information they didn't is inappropriate. It also proves his connections run deeper than theirs.

I'm not asking for an apology tour, and I imagine Plouffe isn't either. Some recognition from those who shot his reporting down seems appropriate, however.