MLB Should Name Midseason All-Stars for the 2020 Season

Los Angeles Dodgers Summer Workouts
Los Angeles Dodgers Summer Workouts / Harry How/Getty Images

Major League Baseball is essentially at the midpoint of its highly irregular 2020 campaign. While an All-Star Game is obviously out of the question, MLB should honor the stars of the first 30 games of this season. There's absolutely no reason not to pick midseason All-Stars this year and celebrate some of the first-half accomplishments.

Even without a game to play, All-Star selections are an important point of pride for many players. The league could easily put together a team of starters and reserves from each league, honoring the best players from the first half. And there are plenty of good reasons to.

Does anyone doubt that Fernando Tatis Jr. is now an All-Star? This season has been his coming out party and he absolutely deserves recognition for it. The San Francisco Giants are going nowhere, but Mike Yastrzemski has been a revelation and an All-Star selection would be fully deserved. Seattle Mariners rookie outfielder Kyle Lewis deserves to be honored for his first-half, as does Baltimore Orioles catcher Pedro Severino. Chicago Cubs outfielder Ian Happ has also earned an All-Star nod. There are plenty of others, but this first-timers are the biggest reason to put together a team.

All of those players could be selected to All-Star games in the future, but there's no reason not to honor what they've done so far in this shortened season. Without fan voting MLB could have league executives compile the teams, it would be easy to accomplish.

There's truly is no reason Major League Baseball can't honor the stars of the first half of the 2020 season. Sure, teams have only played 30-ish games, but given how weird this season has been it's only fair to to give credit to the league's best so far. The players who have thrived under difficult circumstances deserve to be recognized for it.