Mitch Trubisky Is Another NFC North Quarterback Better at Chugging Beer Than Aaron Rodgers


Future Hall of Famer Aaron Rodgers is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game and one day we’ll probably look back at his career and realize he was criminally under-appreciated in his own time. All of that said, he stinks at chugging beer.

You know this, I know this, he knows this, the whole world knows this.

Matthew Stafford was the first divisional counterpart to show him up with an above-average glug. Now Mitch Trubisky is joining in the party, chugging like a champ at last night’s White Sox game.

This is getting serious. All we’re waiting on now is a Kirk Cousins Instagram post showing him destroying something from New Holland Brewery in record time. Then and only then will Rodgers NFC North humiliation be complete.

Cousins seems like way too nice of a guy to do it, but gamesmanship is important too. Stay tuned.