3 Veteran Quarterbacks Who Could Supplant Mitch Trubisky as Bears Starting QB

Mitch Trubisky signals to offense.
Mitch Trubisky signals to offense. / Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

Mitch Trubisky seemed to regress in year three, throwing seven fewer touchdowns and nearly 100 fewer yards than his sophomore season. More than that, he looked lost on the field at times, missing wide open receivers and making questionable decisions when his team needed him to play his best.

Following that kind of disappointment, reports emerged that the Bears plan on upgrading their backup QB position in an effort to challenge Trubisky, who they already named the starting QB heading into the season. With that in mind, here are three vets who could come in and beat Trubisky for the Bears starting QB job.

1. Andy Dalton

Andy Dalton Bears.
Andy Dalton Bears. / Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Like Trubisky, Dalton struggled last year, throwing for 14 interceptions. However, unlike Trubisky, Dalton has also proven capable of torching defenses, throwing for 25 or more touchdowns four times in his career. If the Bears are willing to trade for Dalton, he could ultimately end up starting over Trubisky.

2. Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota Bears.
Marcus Mariota Bears. / Silas Walker/Getty Images

Marcus Mariota isn't the quarterback many thought he would be coming into the NFL, but perhaps Matt Nagy is the man to fix his issues. After all, Nagy played a big role in developing Alex Smith and Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City. Perhaps he could do the same with Mariota. Regardless, Mariota is more dynamic than Trubisky when healthy. He could make a big enough impact in preseason to take the starting job. Plus, he'll be cheaper than the two other options mentioned.

3. Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston Bears.
Jameis Winston Bears. / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Jameis Winston is a turnover machine, which isn't what the Bears need. He's also played his entire college and pro career in Florida, so not exactly a perfect fit in the Windy City. Still, we're talking about guys who could beat Trubisky for the starting job, which Winston could. While Case Keenum's name has been thrown around as another veteran who the Bears could sign, going big seems like the best move for a team that's a QB away from competing for the Super Bowl. Winston proved in college he can win big games. He hasn't had the same chance in Tampa. It would be interesting to see him on a good team and the Bears offer him that.