Missouri Teammates Say the Maty Mauk Video is Two Years Old

By Jason Lisk

A Maty Mauk video, potentially showing him snorting cocaine, was posted online last night. Missouri quickly announced that he was indefinitely suspended while they investigate.

Mauk, who had been the Missouri starting quarterback, was suspended indefinitely last year at the end of September, without the reason being publicly provided, then was reinstated and promptly re-suspended in October before ever playing in a game.

Today, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch provided some insight into those suspensions. It was a poorly kept secret/rumor around campus that the suspension was for drug use (and specifically cocaine). According to the Post-Dispatch, sources confirmed that the initial suspension was for a failed drug test. Mauk was then suspended for the rest of the season, after being reinstated, when he was seen getting into a bar dispute on the same day he provided an apology to his teammates.

A teammate also told the Post-Dispatch that the video showing Mauk snorting something white was two years old and he has since cleaned up. The above photo is from the Indiana game in September of 2014; Mauk has had the beard and longer hair for most of that stretch, so it is impossible to date the video based on hairstyle, though he reportedly has shorter hair now. A still photo of the video that surfaced last night bears a resemblance to his appearance for much of that stretch.

Another teammate, Keyon Dilosa, has publicly stated it was an old video:

I was surprised with the initial announcement of another suspension. Knowing the rumors–while we don’t know the exact timing, it would seem unfair if this was an incident that pre-dated the suspension and was directly tied to the reason for suspension. It wouldn’t surprise me that this video was taken before October 2015. Also, these team rules violations are so often used, that I think it’s kind of a presumption at this point that a majority mean “drug issue, but not involving an arrest so there’s no public record.”

That said, now that the news is out there, and seems to play into many of the cocaine rumors that had been lingering, Mauk’s chances are tied to staying clean. Hopefully he can.