Missouri Banned from Bowl Game in Kelly Bryant's Only Season in Columbia


Kelly Bryant opted to transfer out of Clemson and have a chance to play elsewhere for one final season, before his eligibility was used up by playing in too many games. He eventually decided to join the Missouri Tigers, where Drew Lock is going to the NFL and the team had a need for a starter to step in.

Today, the NCAA announced penalties against the University of Missouri resulting from a tutor completing work for 12 athletes across three sports.

Although the tutor said she felt pressure to ensure student-athletes passed courses, according to the committee’s report, the investigation did not support that her colleagues directed her to complete the student-athletes’ work.

In its decision, the committee stated, “Simply put, 12 student-athletes did not complete their own work.” It continued that the tutor engaged in the activity despite receiving extensive and comprehensive education on appropriate tutoring practices.

The baseball and softball programs are banned from postseason play for 2018-2019. The football program received a postseason ban for 2019-2020.

This is your reminder that the University of North Carolina received nothing from the NCAA for having athletes take part in a degree program where classes never met, and they had to do minimal work, because some non-basketball players also had access to those classes.

Meanwhile, it now appears that Kelly Bryant’s move will now end without any bowl appearance. You have to wonder if he would like a do-over on the move.


Missouri will appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, seniors, including Kelly Bryant, could transfer and play immediately elsewhere, and he may be on the market again.