Mina Kimes Insists She and Bryce Young Are Actually Pretty Tall

Bryce Young
Bryce Young / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Bryce Young has a real chance at being the No. 1 overall pick at the 2023 NFL Draft. At the very least, he should be one of the first quarterbacks taken and won't last past the top five. He put up incredible production at Alabama, won many games and a Heisman Trophy, and generally displayed all the traits teams are looking for in franchise quarterbacks.

The one major flaw you'll be hearing about constantly over the next few months is Young's size. He is simply a small quarterback. Smaller than even Drew Brees or Russell Wilson, two six-foot quarterbacks who found different ways to overcome any stature problems. Young's pre-combine measurements slot him at six-foot even, 194 pounds. Essentially the polar opposite of the kind of QB that dominates the NFL today.

Still, Young's talents otherwise are so enticing that there will be all sorts of back-and-forth about how much his physical frame matters. To that end, Mina Kimes made an observation about Young's ability to see the field today, an innocent tweet that then launched a conversation about not only Young's height, but her own as well.

Kimes was very quick to point out that she is wearing four-inch heels in that picture. And also she's nearly five-foot-7.

Kimes then brought Dan Orlvosky into the mix.

This should become a tool for analysis in all drafts going forward. How tall is the prospect compared to ESPN employees? Add it to the combine. Given the solid mix of former players and lifetime media members at the Worldwide Leader, it should serve as a decent measuring stick. How's that for data?