Milton Bradley is a Sick and Twisted Individual, and What He Did to His Wife is Heartbreaking


Milton Bradley, the former MLB outfielder who was perpetually angry, prone to outbursts on the field and given far too many chances by too many baseball teams, is at the center of an explosive Sports Illustrated story that chronicles a domestic abuse case against his wife, Monique Bradley.

The story is heartbreaking and has a horrible ending, but I won’t spoil it. You must read it all, and the court documents will make you sick to your stomach. There are plenty of options to excerpt, but I’ve chosen this one, just to show you how sick and twisted of a man Milton Bradley is:

Milton sent a series of texts to Monique’s father, Roger Williams.

MILTON BRADLEY: And u mfs need to get the f— out of my house. And that goes for your ho of a daughter, too. Try me.

BRADLEY: I’m gonna embarrass your whole family when I prove what a groupie ho your daughter is.

Then he sent Roger Williams a video of himself and Monique having sex.

BRADLEY: That’s your daughter getting f—– … and there’s more where that came from.

Those are the text messages of a disturbed, deranged man. [via Sports Illustrated]