Miles Bridges Reacts to Five Year Old Michael Jordan Quote, Which Will Surely Motivate Michael Jordan

Miles Bridges
Miles Bridges / Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

Michael Jordan has basically been the only sport available to Americans for the last two months. With the final episodes of The Last Dance airing tonight, everyone on the Internet is clearing out the Michael Jordan warehouse which was full of takes, anecdotes and classic highlights. Like this quote from Jordan saying he could beat his Hornets players one-on-one which was written about on Fadeaway World on Friday and noticed by small forward Miles Bridges on Saturday night.

There is something funny about the idea of Miles Bridges, stuck in his house or apartment, getting fired up about something Jordan said a full five years ago in a French publication.

"“I’m pretty sure I can, so I don’t want to do that and demolish their confidence, so I stay away from them, I let them think they’re good. They think that they are good, but I’m too old to do that anyway.”"

Bridges probably shouldn't take offense since he was just finishing his junior year of high school when Jordan said this. The quote is so old Cody Zeller is the only player that remains on the roster from the era. The team was coming off a 33-win season. Perhaps that justifies what Jordan (then 52 years old) said at the time. Even if the '19-'20 Hornets have a worse winning percentage than that lottery team did.

Surely the 57-year old version of Michael Jordan that we've watched in The Last Dance doesn't still feel that way. And there's no way he will take Bridges tweet as a slight and use it to fuel a comeback. It's not like there's some weird one-game playoff scenario on the horizon where Jordan could put himself onto a roster and try to win another championship after watching everyone talk about how great he is for the last two months.