Milan Lucic Got Into a Fight Outside a Vancouver Nightclub After Losing to the Canucks

Stephen Douglas

Milan Lucic was in his hometown of Vancouver on Saturday night as the Canucks beat Lucic’s Boston Bruins, 6-2. After the game, Lucic went out on the town and apparently got into an altercation with some civilians at a bar. The video shows Lucic arguing with a man who Lucic claims hit him twice (or three times).

Luckily for the idiot who actually drops a “do you know who you’re fucking with?” on a professional hockey player who has been in over 50 fights in the NHL, the police intervened before anything else could happen. When the guy gets home and talks with his friends, they’ll joke with him that he was fortunate Milan Lucic was “beyond good right now,” because this could have gotten ugly. While there is no record of what Lucic can do to another human being on dry land, he did fight Edmonton’s Luke Gazdic on Thursday night.

[The Province]

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