Mike Wallace Rips Teddy Bridgewater On Way Out Of Minnesota


Mike Wallace officially agreed to a two-year, $11.5 million deal with the Baltimore Ravens on Tuesday, but made bigger headlines by ripping his former quarterback on his way out of Minnesota.

Wallace claimed he chose the Ravens because he needed “a good quarterback.” I’ll let his quotes stand on their own:

"When this process started, I knew that I wasn’t going back to Minnesota. I was like, “I need a good quarterback.” I need a quarterback who I know is proven and can get things done."

Obviously that is a shot aimed directly at Vikings signal-caller Teddy Bridgewater. Minnesota’s 23-year-old quarterback possesses a notoriously weak arm and could never consistently connect with Wallace, who is a pure deep threat. In turn, Wallace chose to link up with Joe Flacco, who has one of the NFL’s strongest arms.

During his one season in Minnesota, Wallace played in all 16 games but caught just 39 passes for 473 yards and only two touchdowns. The former Pro Bowler hasn’t lived up to the hype since he left the Pittsburgh Steelers for the Miami Dolphins following the 2012 season. He might be able to revive his career with Flacco throwing to him, but he clearly isn’t the player he once was.