Mike Trout Tries to Keep it Cool in Photo With Nina Agdal

The Big Lead
Aug 18, 2015, 1:40 PM EDT

In a nefarious scheme to sell baseball hats, Nina Agdal has been taking photos with formidable professional ballplayers. It was Mike Trout’s turn last night, as the SI swimsuit model was in Anaheim to throw out the first pitch:

" Sports Illustrated Model, @NinaAgdal, represents @NewEraCap in tonight’s first pitch ceremony #AtTheBigA! pic.twitter.com/hkBtSwPYJx — Angels (@Angels) August 18, 2015 "

Agdal previously took this photo with Bryce Harper:

A seedy love triangle between Agdal, Harper, and Trout would not be bad for business.

[H/T Next Impulse]