Mike Tirico Touts J.J. Watt Doing Charity Work "Without Cameras" ... During Montage of Photos

Ryan Glasspiegel

JJ Watt spends a lot of his time making people in the Wisconsin and Houston communities very happy. By universal accounts, he is gracious with both fundraising and accessibility. It’s indisputable that the recipients of this goodwill light up with these interactions, and that every fan in the league would relish having Watt on his or her favorite team. However, Watt, like his fellow former Badger Russell Wilson, is not subtle about these good deeds. He shares them himself.

During tonight’s Monday Night Football game between Houston and Cincinnati, Mike Tirico narrated a montage of Watt’s community service. Said Tirico: “The autographs he signs, the troops he visits, the hospital visits that he takes — without cameras going with him, not trying to gain attention or call attention to the things that he gives. Terrific on the field, tremendous representative of his franchise, his city, his family off the field as well.”

Again: All of these things are true — except for the whole bit about shunning attention for them.