Mike Tannebaum Picks Mac Jones as Sneaky MVP Pick For 2022

Mac Jones
Mac Jones / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The 2022 NFL season is close yet oh-so-very far away. To keep the clock running fast, the Get Up team broke down their "sneaky" NFL MVP picks for next season. Most of the crew had standard names in mind-- guys who wouldn't be expected to win MVP for one reason or another but have clearly and obviously exhibited the talent required to do so if everything broke right for 17 weeks.

Then there was Mike Tannebaum, who came in hot with none other than Mac Jones as his sneaky MVP pick for next season.

Tannebaum further explained some of his reasoning later on.

Much like last season, any confidence in Jones and the New England Patriots at large stems from one's confidence in Bill Belichick to figure things out. Tannebaum believes Belichick can excel as a play-caller, which leads to a winning season for the team and a good season from Jones, which could result in an MVP.

It is tough to see that coming to reality, though. Aside from the fact that the AFC East is more competitive than it has been in a long time, Jones is going to have a tough time putting up the numbers requisite of an MVP candidate at QB these days. Every MVP winner over the last 10 years has put up obscene numbers in tandem with great team success. Jones is more likely to check one of those boxes than both.

I do love the optimism. If Belichick decides to take the governor off the offense and let Jones grip it and rip it, he could end up having a great season. Or he could have a bad one. It's hard to tell because Jones was trusted with absolutely nothing last year.

But July is a time for hope. We'll wait until the Monday after Week 1 for the criticism to flow in.