Mike Pettine Says Johnny Manziel Might Miss Sunday Due to Concussion, Not Partying Video

Ryan Glasspiegel

Johnny Manziel is being evaluated for a concussion today, and his status for Sunday’s game against the Steelers is in question. This is curious timing, as it’s pretty late in the week to just now be hearing about this injury (if it were suffered on the field as opposed to off it).

Manziel has been in the news for his partying again this week. Browns coach Mike Pettine had this to say:

As disconcerting as it was that the clip wound up on social media, that’s more or less a fair take for Pettine, who must badly wish for this season to be over at this point, to take now. This offseason it will be interesting to observe whether Pettine makes it back as Browns head coach, and if Johnny Manziel can somehow reverse the course of his past five years and at least prevent his partying from becoming public.

If he cannot and/or does not, will the Browns hold him accountable?