Mike Pettine on Johnny Manziel: "We anticipate this will quiet down once the season starts"

Ryan Glasspiegel

Johnny Manziel has actually managed to stay out of the news for the past couple weeks; with Browns training camp set to begin in earnest later this week, head coach Mike Pettine expects it to stay that way. “I don’t want to get into a (public) discussion of every picture that comes out,” said Pettine, when asked about the money rolling photo above, via Cleveland.com. “But we anticipate this will quiet down once the season starts. As committed as Johnny is to football, this stuff should not be an issue once camp gets underway.”

If last year, in which Manziel had a similarly eventful summer, is an indication, then the off-field stuff should subside as training camp and the season begin. However, if Brian Hoyer, who is the Browns presumptive starting quarterback for now, struggles out of the gate, there will be a lot of chatter around a purported quarterback controversy.

Elsewhere on the team, Pettine said that he expects to learn about Josh Gordon’s yearlong drug suspension appeal within the next two weeks, and that the Browns do not plan on cutting the talented-but-troubled receiver.

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