No, Mike Pence Was Not Hit in the Head By a Water Balloon Thrown By a Young Girl


On Friday, a video went viral that purportedly showed former vice president Mike Pence being hit in the head by a water balloon during a parade. That balloon was hurled by a young girl with an absolute cannon. While that would be pretty funny, unfortunately we have to report the story isn't true.

Here's the video everyone is talking about:

It certainly looks like it could be Pence but, it is not. Instead, the target is the man who posted the video, Bruce Blakeman, who is the Nassau County executive. The video comes from the annual Stewart Manor 4th of July parade on Long Island. Longstanding tradition has it that local firemen, officials and families in the village have a big water balloon fight towards the end of the parade. This girl's toss was part of that.

Let's be real, that girl has an absolute howitzer for an arm. NFL and MLB teams need to be flocking to that town to scout her. But, not, she didn't hit the current GOP presidential candidate. Pence was not in Long Island on the 4th, instead he was in Urbandale, Iowa.

For some reason, that rumor began to spread on Friday:

While it might be a better story if it was true, it isn't. We hate to break up everyone's fun.

We did love this analysis from Rob Friedman, though:

Flawless execution from Pitching Ninja.