Mike Missanelli Gets Upset, Absolutely Launches Headphones After On-Air Bird Lady Argument

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty Images

Tuesday's episode of The Mike Missanelli Show on 97.5 The Fanatic got more heated than usual when discussion over a New York City woman who called the cops on a birdwatcher in Central Park went to a place few expected. After seeing producer Tyrone Johnson and sports update anchor Natalie Egenolf come from the same angle on the topic, Missanelli nobly attempted to take the other side.

Among the things he posited: that when someone calls 9-1-1 and says they are being attacked, that doesn't implicitly mean physically, and that the woman broke no law. Johnson responded by reading an actual law that could have been broken by willingly providing false information. That's when things escalated, with Missanelli trying to explain this wasn't his personal position but instead a position a person might have.

Upon throwing to commercial he launched his headphones in anger with a vim and vigor that would make Carson Wentz jealous.

Things apparently stayed hot through the commercial break because the re-join caught some back-and-forth between Johnson and Missanelli, which culminated in the latter angrily pointing a finger and using some choice language.

A station employee broke down the situation to Philly Voice:

"Mike tried to pull the, 'I'm a lawyer' sh--. Tyrone then read him the actual law. Natalie is agreeing with [Tyrone], so now Mike has been embarrassed and has the rest of his show 'ganging' up on him. And he threw a temper tantrum because he's a f--king child."

Yeah, that does seem to check out.

While seeing sports talk radio hosts get all hot and bothered isn't new, I'll admit being surprised by the person ultimately losing their cool during this discussion. Rarely does a clip that makes you spend 99 percent of the time waiting for the payoff actually pay off. This counts as an exception.