Mike & Mike's Radio Show Called Bubba Watson 40 Times, So He Changed His Cell Phone Number [UPDATE]

By Jason McIntyre

"Bubba went on to say that the last straw to motivate him to finally change his number came from a radio show that he wouldn’t name. After arriving home after 3 AM he said he received 40 calls at 6 AM from this radio show and that was enough to cause him to make the change. Russillo joked that he hoped it wasn’t “Mike & Mike” and Bubba indicated that it was, but he didn’t want to “call you guys (ESPN) out”."

If you want to listen to the audio, go to the 20 minute mark here. What’s funny is that SVP’s partner Ryen Russillo seemed to be joking about calling out Mike & Mike, and then Watson laughs and just comes clean with the info. [Los Sports Blog]

[UPDATE: Van Pelt and Russillo went on the radio today and claim that Watson was clearly joking about the radio show being Mike & Mike. You can listen here and decide for yourself.]