Mike McQueary Threw a Suspicious Late TD Pass to Cover Spread in 1995 Blowout [VIDEO]

Ryan Glasspiegel

Don Van Natta’s extensive profile on Mike McQueary was released yesterday, and contained the allegations that the former quarterback bet on Penn State games while he was at the school. As these types of things go, it was only a matter of time before journalists dug deeper and uncovered something potentially untoward.

BettingTalk’s David Purdum found such a game from 1995. The Nittany Lions were 20-point favorites over Rutgers, leading 52-34 late in the fourth quarter with McQueary in mop-up duty at QB. Instead of running out the clock, McQueary threw a 42-yard touchdown to wide receiver Chris Campbell to give Penn State a 59-34 lead and a seemingly miraculous cover.

After the game, Rutgers coach Doug Graber cursed out Joe Paterno at mid-field for running up the score. Purdum has dug up something that is either nefarious, or supremely coincidental.

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