Four Teams That Should Hire Mike McCarthy as Their New Coach

William Pitts
Arizona Cardinals v Green Bay Packers
Arizona Cardinals v Green Bay Packers / Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Mike McCarthy's final days as head coach of the Green Bay Packers were rife with turmoil, a fractured relationship with quarterback Aaron Rodgers, and ultimately, losses, which led to his dismissal midway through the 2018 season. While the jury's still out on which side was more responsible for the constant bickering which characterized the 2018 Packers, McCarthy has made it clear that he is not finished coaching.

According to FOX Sports' Jay Glazer, McCarthy hired six employees to help him scout trends concerning "everything that's gone on during this entire season", and that he says he's "ready to be a head coach again." With a resume that includes a Super Bowl win, six division titles, and nine playoff appearances in 12 1/2 seasons, McCarthy has a resume most coaches would envy, and is sure to receive some attention. Here are some teams who could benefit from a splash of McCarthyism.

1. New York Jets
Three straight wins for the 2019 New York Jets were worse than false hope. They removed nearly all possibility of the Jets "winning" the number-one pick in the NFL Draft. Becoming the foil for the woeful Cincinnati Bengals' first win of the season should have been the final straw for head coach Adam Gase, and while he's received a vote of confidence from team management, the fans gave up on him long ago.

2. Cleveland Browns
In his later years, McCarthy came off as a modern-day Marty Schottenheimer - a great regular-season coach who couldn't get it done in the playoffs. Aside from maybe Butch Davis, the modern-day Cleveland Browns have never had a coach even reach the level of good regular-season coach. Not once. The current ringleader, Freddie Kitchens, is losing control of the Browns' locker room and their hopes of long-term success thanks to an astonishing lack of discipline with a team that badly needs it. While McCarthy was by no means flawless as a head coach, we're sure he wouldn't have worn a "Pittsburgh Started It" t-shirt.

3. Carolina Panthers
The most successful era in Panthers history is long in the rearview mirror, and its architect, Ron Rivera, is without a job. As the Panthers set about actively blowing up the foundations of the past and starting over with Kyle Allen as their quarterback of the future, he will need a guiding hand as head coach. Few coaches better fit the description than the coach who developed Aaron Rodgers into a future Hall of Famer.

4. Washington Redskins
The Redskins have also fired their coach mid-season and entrusted their future to an unproven quarterback. Dwayne Haskins has shown some promise in winning his first two starts, and a stable coaching situation could settle the young quarterback down, especially if he can work well with emerging talent like Derrius Guice and Rookie-of-the-Year candidate Terry McLaurin. A former Super Bowl champion head coach could bring some hope to a city with such apathy for their football team that games are routinely bombarded by opposing fanbases.