Mike McCarthy Has Some Explaining to Do

Ryan Glasspiegel

On October 17th, Mike McCarthy defiantly stood up in front of reporters and said that he was confident in Brett Hundley and Joe Callahan because he had years invested in their development:

“The quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be,” he said angrily. Today, Ian Rapoport reported that the Packers “tried to steal” Brian Hoyer, who ultimately signed with the Patriots.

Does that mean after just one game that McCarthy was less confident in Hundley and Callahan? If the team is trying to maximize the winning of football games, why would they not at least be interested in bringing Colin Kaepernick in for a workout? Kaepernick is, in my belief, a better QB than Hoyer. (That being said, I knew the second Rodgers went down that it was not in the Packers’ nature to bring Kaepernick in.)

What is McCarthy going to say when he’s asked about this at media availability tomorrow? Is he going to deny that the team was interested in Hoyer? Will he say he was wrong two weeks ago? Then what? Even if Ted Thompson overruled him on Hoyer, it’s McCarthy who has to stand up there and take the heat. No matter what he says, he’s going to look silly.

Aaron Rodgers has covered up for a lot of the Packers’ structural deficiencies over the last 5+ years, and if McCarthy can’t guide the team to stick around playoff contention for late in the season when they were 4-1 when Rodgers went down, it could very well be time for a sweeping regime change in Green Bay.

UPDATE: McCarthy explained, kind of.