Mike Mayock a Candidate to Be Washington's Next Ex-GM

Ryan Glasspiegel

Just sitting here, watching time pass on a Friday afternoon, and all of a sudden there’s a Schefty bomb on the timeline:

This came totally out of left-field. We don’t need to rehash everything that happened in Washington in the last few months that led to their GM vacancy, but we wrote about it here, here, and here. It never ends well there. Suffice to say, it would not seem from the outside to be an attractive situation to enter for somebody who has other career options.

Mayock has been an analyst on NFL Network for over a decade, and he is pretty good at the job. Obviously, this is all early and preliminary, but if he did get offered and accept the job he would be the second former NFL player to jump from broadcasting into a general manager position, after John Lynch left Fox Sports for the 49ers.

UPDATE: Schefter and Yates write that Mayock has a good relationship with Jay Gruden, and that Al Davis, who mentored Bruce Allen, had a high opinion of Mayock. Meanwhile, Mayock didn’t exactly deny the story, but any job offering doesn’t sound imminent: