Mike Lombardi: Trey Lance Did Not Have Quarterback Instincts When His Mom Lifted Him From the Crib

A sad tale.

The San Francisco 49ers traded up to select Trey Lance in the 2021 NFL Draft at to this point they have precious little to show for it. Pundits are beginning to suggest that it could go down as one of the worst swaps in the event's history. It appears that the best-case scenario for player and team is that he shows enough in the preseason to earn a role as Brock Purdy's backup.

Mike Lombardi is skeptical that even happens and that there will be more pleasant days ahead because Lance simply does not have the je ne sais quoi to be a high-level signal-caller.

"As you go down this road with Lance it just becomes harder and harder and harder," he said. "And you could show all the clips of him moving and all that stuff, at the end of the day when his momma lifted him from the crib he just didn't have that quarterback instinct."

Lombardi is an expert so maybe it's a fair way to explain that someone is not a natural quarterback despite being blessed with tremendous physical gifts. There's not much at the professional level that gives Niners fans a ton of optimism that Lance will eventually be a dude who is comfortable and consistent under center.

At the same time, sort of weird, right? I mean not to me, of course, because the second they scrubbed my three sons off at the hospital I was carefully going over every inch of their small bodies to see traces of quarterback DNA. Not finding any has saved a ton of time and aggravation in the quest to make them something they are not. Considering the way they've hit the snack cupboard from Day 1, we're looking at a more realistic option of some H-backs or blocking tight ends. But you know, weird for normal people.