VIDEO: Mike Leach Delivers Two-Minute Monologue on Why Zombies Are the Worst Monsters


Mike Leach is a truly unique personality in the college football world. But you already knew that, because you saw the headline and clicked the article. So here's what you came for: 120+ seconds of Leach explaining why zombies are, in fact, the worst monsters, and why he would die of boredom in a zombie apocalypse.

Leach did admit he'd want to blast a few to see how it goes, but feels the zombie trope is well overdone in today's society, and cites vampires and perhaps even Frankenstein as clear and obvious improvements. In the interest of transparency, I'm with Mike here, but in fairness, the zombie craze faded away when The Walking Dead started to significantly decrease in quality about halfway through the decade. Dying of boredom is definitely a bit dramatic, too.

Anyway. Washington State might not be thriving, but it appears their head coach is.