Mike Leach to OCD Community: "You read my tweets at your own RISK!"

New Mexico State v Washington State
New Mexico State v Washington State / William Mancebo/Getty Images

If you don't like what Mike Leach is tweeting, don't read the tweets. Leach, the head coach of the No. 19 Washington State Cougars, went on Twitter Monday night to let everyone know that you read his tweets at your own risk. So keep that in mind as you scroll down this page. Or your feed. Or happen upon them some other way.

What was Leach talking about? Well, he upset the Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder community by tweeting a meme on Sunday. How far we've come from 2012 when Leach banned his players from tweeting. Imagine if one of his players had tried to tell him he was reading their tweets at his own risk.

It's been a heck of a week for Leach and its only Tuesday. He also voiced his displeasure with the idea of college athletes getting paid in any way because it will DESTROY college football.

Leach and his 3-0 Cougars take on UCLA this weekend.