Mike Leach Suspended for Allegedly Isolating Player in a Dark Closet for Not Practicing with a Concussion [UPDATE: The Player is Adam James, Son of ESPN's Craig James]


Leach has had issues in Lubbock this season, but if Schad’s sources are accurate, these are much more serious and Leach could get Mangino’d. Kansas forced coach Mark Mangino to resign earlier this month for alleged mistreatment of players. South Florida’s Jim Leavitt is under investigation for allegedly striking a player. And now Leach is embroiled in a scandal. Sports Illustrated and ESPN will be racing to see who can churn out the trend piece quicker.

[UPDATE: Schad is reporting that the player in question is Adam James, the son of ESPN analyst Craig James. Naturally, James is slated to work the Alamo Bowl. No, he’s not.]