Mike Greenberg Refuses to Send 'Get Up' to Break So Segment About the Jets Can Go On Forever


The New York Jets signed Trevor Siemian on Tuesday. It's not the kind of splashy acquisition that generally gets the debate shows' juices flowing, but this gave everyone another excuse to harp, obsess and freak out about the Jets. Based on the title of the video ESPN posted on YouTube, you would think up until today they had done nothing but give Zach Wilson a collective vote of confidence. "Greeny GOES OFF SCRIPT! The Get Up crew TURN on Zach Wilson!"

As documented yesterday, literally all anyone has been doing lately is shitting on Zach Wilson with Jets superfan and darkness retreat-avoider Mike Greenberg leading the charge. I mean, Wilson is horrible, but there must be other things to talk about. Or maybe not. With Greenberg steering the discussion the Get Up crew ignored producers and refused to go to their regularly scheduled commercial break. Here's the exact moment where, "Greeny GOES OFF SCRIPT!"

This is the kind of thing that generally happens during the immediate reaction to a major news story. Greenberg treated this like the only time he'd ever be allowed to talk about the Jets as if they won't have the same segment tomorrow because some local reporter tweets that Trevor Siemian is picking up the playbook faster than anyone expected and he will be available in an emergency against the Chiefs.

Here's the full segment where you will learn that Siemian might not actually be the longterm solution. If you can find the part where the Get Up crew TURN on Zach Wilson, let us know.