Mike Greenberg: 'Russell Wilson Looks the Worst I've Ever Seen Him Look'

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos suffered an ugly, ugly home loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. After taking a 13-8 lead during the first two quarters, Sean Payton's offense punted on four of their first five possessions in the second half and lost a fumble on the fifth. The Jets scored 16 unanswered points during this stretch. Wilson managed to lead a quick touchdown drive to cut into the 11-point deficit he suddenly faced, and the defense picked off Zach Wilson to give the Broncos the ball back with two minutes left. The Jets led by three. Was it finally time to let Russ cook?

In past years this was when Wilson would march his team down the field, pulling off a few absurd escape acts along the way, and either tie or win the game. As we well know, however, that Wilson is gone. Instead, the Broncos QB gained 30 yards in six plays before he fumbled the ball. The Jets returned it for a touchdown. Game over.

Wilson's stats on the day were not the worst we've seen out of him in a Broncos uniform; he had 20 completions on 31 attempts for 196 yards and two touchdowns. However that is obviously brutal efficiency and he fell flat on his face when it mattered most.

Mike Greenberg went at Wilson on Get Up this morning and said this was the worst we've seen Wilson play yet. Yes, even worse than last year, when Wilson looked like one of the NFL's worst quarterbacks on a weekly basis.

It is honestly hard to say if Greenberg is right because Wilson has not looked "comfortable" back there since his last year in Seattle. We're splitting hairs between bad and extremely bad at that point. But it is damning that he simply doesn't look any better under Sean Payton's tutelage than he did Nathaniel Hackett's.

Is that because Wilson is washed? Who knows. But when Payton spends the summer blasting Hackett there just has to be a better product being put out there. Otherwise everyone looks like a fool.