Mike Greenberg Wonders if Patrick Mahomes' Career Will Be More Like Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers

Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl LV
Patrick Mahomes, Super Bowl LV / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

On Tuesday's episode of Greeny, Mike Greenberg asked a really interesting question. Is Patrick Mahomes headed for Tom Brady-style greatness or Aaron Rodgers-like goodness? His discussion of the subject was illuminating.

Check out the segment below:

Greenberg was right to point out that the AFC is loaded with young, capable quarterbacks. It won't be easy for Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs reach the Super Bowl year-in and year-out, like Brady did with the New England Patriots. On top of that, it's exceptionally rare for great quarterbacks to win more than two Super Bowls, especially today.

When Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a championship at Super Bowl XLV back in 2011, everyone thought he was just getting started. Rodgers was 27 at the time and would go on to win three MVPs, make seven more Pro Bowls and be named All-Pro four times over the ensuing seasons. Yet somehow, he's never even been back to the Super Bowl.

That's how difficult it is to win at a high level in the NFL these days. Even Rodgers, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, has struggled to win another title.

While that seems like a lot of doom and gloom, let's pump the breaks on burying Mahomes' future. He is as talented as anyone to play his position in league history. He has weapons around him and an all-great head coach. He'll almost certainly win multiple MVPs and be in the playoffs consistently. But there's no way to know if he'll take home multiple titles.

Brady's run to seven championships has been staggering in its scope. He's done it over the course of 21 seasons and maintained a high level of play throughout those years. It has been unprecedented in football history and his career is an unfair measuring stick for anyone, even Mahomes.

Perhaps Peyton Manning's career would be a better guide for Mahomes at this point. Manning won five MVPs, set numerous records and was a 10-time All-Pro. He reached three Super Bowls and won two. While those Super Bowl numbers would be a disappointment for Mahomes, in reality that's in line with what a great quarterback can expect in his career.

We'll see what happens, but in Super Bowl LV we were shown how difficult winning championships will be for Mahomes.