Mike Greenberg: The Bears Are a Dumpster Fire Who Are Ruining Justin Fields

Justin Fields
Justin Fields / Mike Ehrmann/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears' season is off to an ignominious start. Through two games their offense has been hilariously inept. The defense that GM Ryan Poles spent many millions of dollars attempting to fix this offseason has been terrible. Then everything blew up on Wednesday as Fields said he was struggling due to "coaching" and defensive coordinator Alan Williams suddenly resigned.

Many might've expected the Bears to get off to a 0-2 start considering they were the worst team in football last year. But it's been an utterly disastrous 0-2 start. Worse than anyone could've imagined. And it seems Fields is suffering the most. He showed last season he was an electric talent who needed a playbook very specifically tailored to his skillset. Chicago obviously has failed to do that in the early goings and consequentially Fields has looked like maybe the worst quarterback in football.

Mike Greenberg thinks that's a damn shame and blew up on the franchise on Thursday morning, calling it a "dumpster fire" of an organization and that they're ruining Fields through their sheer incompetence.

It is difficult to disagree. There's a stat floating around that sums it up pretty neatly. The Bears called about eight designed QB runs per game last season. This year, they've called five combined through two games. It's not only bad play-calling, it's actively working against their young quarterback.

That's something that can be fixed but anyone who's watched the Bears in the opening weeks of the year would tell you to not hold your breath. It's a total mess in Chicago and it's hard to see things changing anytime soon.