Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. Have a New Morning Show

Robin Marchant/GettyImages

Mike Golic and Mike Golic Jr. are reuniting on the DraftKings Network with a new morning show debuting next Monday, the company announced Thursday morning. Richard Deitsch of The Athletic was first with the news that the duo would be teaming up with Jessie Coffield weekday mornings from 8 a.m.-10 a.m. ET for some honest-to-goodness sports talk.

And it's welcome news because the Golics' previous run working together with Trey Wingo at ESPN following the dissolution of Mike & Mike was enjoyable before the older Golic departed in 2020 and his son followed two years later. Like to the point where they were putting together a signature program in the morning that could have been a staple to years to come if there hadn't been other plans.

“Me and Dad talked about this for a while,” Golic Jr. told The Athletic. “What if we gave this a real shot again? It seemed like people enjoyed it before. It did not end on our terms with our show last time around, so we sort of get a chance to go out here and write the ending however we see fit.”

“We’re excited to expand GoJo’s presence on DraftKings Network and reunite him with his father, Mike Golic Sr, in a daily morning show airing exclusively in video via DraftKings Network. The Golics have been synonymous with morning sports television for more than a decade so adding GoJo and Golic to our lineup instantly creates appointment viewing and listening for our audience,” said Stacie McCollum, Vice President of Content, DraftKings. “Since launching in May, we’ve continued to expand our video offerings and content portfolio to deliver compelling and diverse programming catering to the ‘in on the action fan.’”

The Golics will continue to broadcast shows from their respective locations in Arizona and California
with occasional stops in South Bend and other remote locations. DraftKings host, Jessie Coffield will anchor the show, and contribute to key storylines from the DraftKings studio in Boston.

They'll waste no time getting on the road with their first scheduled stop in Kansas City for the NFL opener between the Chiefs and Lions.

It may have taken a bit but the proper balance of Golics has been stabilized. Finally, some good news.