Mike Glennon is Starting for the Jaguars This Week and Colin Kaepernick Should Sue Somebody

Mike Glennon
Mike Glennon / Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

Mike Glennon will start at quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Yes, seriously. Mike Glennon, who is on his fifth team in five years. Mike Glennon, who is 6-16 in his career. He has thrown 21 pass attempts since 2018. Colin Kaepernick should file a new lawsuit on Monday.

It's fitting that this is happening during the week of Thanksgiving because this guy is a turkey. In fact, look at all these turkeys: Alex Smith, Joe Flacco, Ryan Finley, Drew Lock, Andy Dalton, Carson Wentz, Nick Foles-Mitch Trubisky, and Nick Mullens. Not to mention the dozens of guys who are cashing checks without having to play on Sundays. I'm not sure there's a single team whose roster wouldn't be improved by adding Kaepernick. Maybe the Saints, when Drew Brees is healthy would have an argument.

I know. Nothing will happen. I know Kaepernick will probably never play another down in the NFL again. It is just insane to me that there is a guy out there that can help some of these teams and they just ignore him. After 2020, how much of a circus could he even inspire? Millions of people were in the streets this year protesting exactly what he was blackballed for protesting. There are zoom calls for press conferences. There wouldn't even be a crowd of press around his locker. There aren't even fans in the stands to boo. And the ones that are there boo anyway! Ratings are down and no one is even kneeling!

So if none of that "other stuff" can even have an affect on anything anymore, why would no one even take a chance on Kaepernick? He's healthy. He's played in a Super Bowl. He's better than Mike freaking Glennon. Prove otherwise.