Mike Francesa World War II Parody Includes Dead-On Chris Russo Impression

By Mike Cardillo

Mike Francesa and Chris Russo have long since gone their separate ways, meaning there will never be a reunion of the popular WFAN radio show “Mike & the Mad Dog” which ended in 2007. Last month Russo slammed his former partner’s chummy interview with Alex Rodriguez, driving a further wedge between the duo.

Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, the pair are back together in another first-rate parody video by WaitUhSeckin Productions. After tackling the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, this time the target is World War II, including a surprise phone call from Benito Mussolini.

Michael Benevento’s role as Russo in the parody makes it, including a spot-on impression of the Dog’s rant after his beloved San Francisco Giants lost in the 2003 playoffs. (Also love the casual “poorly produced” mention, along with all the other malapropisms.)

Meanwhile, Bill Buchanan continues to have the Sports Pope’s mannerisms down pat, sipping on a Diet Coke (no label) while scribbling some notes in the Daily News. When he says, “When Patton is Patton, he’s Robert E. Lee” it sounds exactly like one of the many inane turns of phrase WFAN listeners are used to hearing on a daily basis.

For all we know Mike and Chris probably did have a conversation once about Captain America, with Dog thinking he was a real person.

The target audience for the parody is narrow, but the entire production hits the nail right on the head.

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